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11 Dec. 21

Why Does the Boiler Leak Water?

Boiler leaking is due to many reasons. 80% of the water flow problems encountered in the combi boiler are the discharge from the safety valve. However, it is obvious that other problems can also be considered. The fact that water is coming from the safety valve does not mean that there is a problem in the safety valve. For this reason, as in every malfunction, it is necessary to seek expert help in case of this malfunction.

What does the boiler’s water flow depend on? Why Does the Boiler Leak Water? Here are the Reasons in Order:

1. When the parts are broken, punctured or cracked,
2. When there is a high pressure failure,
3. When it is not maintained for a long time,
4. When the boiler is pressed with too much water, water may flow.

There are many parts that cause water flow. Detection of these parts can only be done by an on-site specialist. You can get help with just on click.

The failure patterns in the combi boilers are also different. Combi boilers may experience malfunctioning problems, as well as in cases where the hot water works and the heater does not. It is also known that there are problems such that the boiler does not ignite at all. However, one of the most common problems encountered in combi boilers is water leakage. This problem is generally caused by not performing periodic maintenance regularly. Periodic maintenances are carried out in order to solve the problems in advance, to eliminate larger malfunctions and to ensure safety. It provides heating comfort and savings. The source of the water leaking problem of the combi boilers and boiler repair plymouth may be very simple, or it may be caused by a complex and more than one problem.

What to Do If the Combi Boiler Leaks Water?

Pressure Problem: Pressure problem is frequently encountered. The boiler water pressure is intended to be around 1.5 bar. If this pressure drops below 1 bar, not enough water goes to the cores and the temperature drops. If the pressure is too much above 1.5 bar, the boiler will want to relieve this excess pressure and water will flow. In fact, the purpose of the boiler doing this is to ensure safety. In other words, a kind of safety control is made by reducing the pressure. If the problem is not due to the wear of the ports over time or a malfunction in the filling valve, the following actions can be taken;

Combi Boiler is Leaking Water What Should I Do?

Make sure that the valve that increases the water pressure is tightly closed.
As a result of the water level approaching 3 bar, excess water flows, boiler safety is ensured. The reason should be investigated by the boiler services.
Water flow can be provided from the installation drain valve to keep the boiler water pressure around 1.5 bar.
Excess water is drained from any heater core.

These processes reduce the water that causes excess pressure in the system, reducing the boiler to the pressure values ​​at which it will operate safely. However, as we said, if the problem still persists, it is likely that there is a system-related malfunction. The user should not interfere with these problems that will require part replacement. The most appropriate solution is to call a team of experts and professionals for a boiler breakdown.

How to Solve the Problem?
You need to get expert help for water flow problems. The expert technical service team will see the problem on site and inform you about the issue. In order to solve the problem, the necessary determination is made and the defective parts are removed and applications or operations are performed depending on the user’s demand.

The water flow problem in the boiler is a comprehensive problem. For this reason, it would not be correct to give clear information about the fault status directly without being seen.