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Fixing a leak Plymouth is proud that it has become a brand name in plumbing science. Its business career, which began with making and installing plumbing, has led it to this point. plumbing and heating systems in 1996.

The first link of the chain, which started with 1 shop in Plymouth, has today reached the capacity to provide service to all districts and all neighborhoods of Plymouth within 1 hour at the latest.


1- Put the pump under pressure and test it before you fix a leak. Plymouth

To fix a leak in your installation in Plymouth with our Rothenberger brand acoustic sound device, we need to turn up the volume of the sound, which means we need to know how fast and how much water is leaking.

The higher the flow rate and pressure of the water in the installation, the louder the sound in the area of the leak and the better our device is at finding the leak. There are a lot of ways to find a water leak, but the most reliable, useful, and quick way is to make the water in the installation pressurised.

To pressurise the water system, we find an air entry point in your installation, bring air into the installation, and use our Rothenberger brand pressurisation test pump to put pressure on the water in your installation while the valves are closed.

2-Acoustic Sound Listening and leak repairs Plymouth Device

As leak repairs Plymouth; Our area of ​​expertise is to detect plumbing leaks within minutes of starting the process, and we report our analysis of the general condition of your installation to you. After determining that there is a water leak in the installation, it is necessary to determine the location of the leak pointwise. Our acoustic sound devices will pick up a higher sound frequency than the point where there is a water leak in the installation, and we will pinpoint and show you the location of the leak in the installation within minutes, with the analysis of our expert technical staff.

Leak Repairs Plymouth

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3-Installation of waste water systems and in-pipe imaging cameras to find and fix leaks in Plymouth

We do leak repairs in Plymouth using a Rothenberger brand channel camera to monitor and analyse many things, such as waste water leaks in the installation, clogged sewage or sanitary installation pipes, the general look of the waste water installation, etc., and to move through the sewage installation pipes or channels.

In fact, these cameras have been used in the business world for a while. Our “endoscopes” or “endoscopy cameras,” which have fibre optic cables, light coatings, and high resolution, show the inside of your installation just like they show the inside of a human body. Because we know how to install things and have high-tech tools like this, we have had many professional detection and repair applications in the field of mechanical installation, such as in the boiler industry, inside pipes, inside installation channels, underground installations, behind-the-wall installations, etc.

With the help of these devices, it figures out where the problems are in your home, living space, or business. Without breaking or spilling anything, we find it as a point and fix, maintain, or fix it.

4-Thermal imaging cameras to find and fix leaks in Plymouth

It is not possible to determine the map of the installations through which fluids with calorific values ​​pass, with normal cameras. With our Rothenberger brand thermal imaging cameras, we can detect the heating and heating engineering systems installation, hot water installation, pressurized steam installations and all installations with hot fluids from behind the wall or on the floor, and again with our acoustic sound devices, we can detect leaks as if we had put them by hand.

If you need the leak repairs Plymouth team that can solve all your plumbing operations quickly and affordably, you can reach our 24/7 services from our phone numbers. After you contact us, our nearest Local Plumbers Plymouth employee will assist you for the most appropriate solution.

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How to Fix a Leak in Plymouth: Frequently Asked Questions

How to Find a Water Leak and How to Fix a Leak in Plymouth?

In this article, we, as leak repairs Plymouth, share what we’ve learned about what causes leaks in installations and how you can find and fix them yourself at home.

Before, different ways of finding solutions were used to try to figure out where the plumbing in homes and apartments was leaking and where the line was broken. Especially if you were working with a master who didn’t have much experience, your house could have holes and be falling apart.

Now, the old ways are no longer being used. Technology has gotten better, and now there are devices that can find leaks with pinpoint accuracy.

What does the Plymouth leak repair team do if there is no water leak?

As we pressurise the water in your installation, our device’s manometer (pressure gauge) will start to move in the right direction. At this point, if you’re not sure if your installation has a water leak, the indicator on the manometer will help you figure it out. After increasing the water pressure in the installation by 2 to 3 bars, we stop the pressurisation process. So, as a team that fixes leaks in Plymouth, we expect the water pressure in the installation to stay the same as it was when we stopped the pressurisation process on the screen. If the value goes down, it means that your installation has a water leak or other leak.

How do you fix a water leak in Plymouth?

Thermal cameras that can sense heat are used to find and fix hot water leaks in Plymouth. Most of the time, small digital cameras are used to find water leaks in the waste water installation. The camera moves all over the place and swings into the pipes. This is how images from cameras can be used to find leaks.

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