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11 Dec. 21

Why Are There Constant Plumbing Problems at Home?

If you are constantly experiencing plumbing problems and malfunctions in your home, if you call a plumber once a month for their problems, this may be annoying for you, as a plumber, I answer you from the first source.

1-Incompetent Plumber Master:

Nowadays, plumbing masters are generally requested over the internet, a single platform is made by searching on uncle google, which creates a great competition. . and you will regret
They can deceive you by writing 25 TL in the headlines with misleading advertisements on the internet! Corporate or professional companies do not make such advertisements, they say that it is not cheap, but a quality professional. The best discount is a professional transaction at an affordable price.

When your repairman comes to your house, nothing will happen to the problem you showed, if he is a reluctant person who does not want to deal with it later, do not insist, the repairman either does not know how to do that job or he is tired of the job, he is just stealing people’s time to spend time.

There are also those who are very enthusiastic and they want to become a repairman by constantly coming to your home or gaining experience in your workplace. Advise those people to come with a knowledgeable plumber!

With our local plumbers plymouth you will always get the job you want.

2-High Water Pressure: Combi Boiler, Thesifon, Washing Machine, Reservoir, Toilet Bowl and all similar products that work with water fail due to the high pressure, we recommend you to install a pressure reducer (regulator).

3-Continuous Plumbing Explosion: If there is a water leak problem if there is a plumbing explosion in your apartment or house, if more than one plumbing repair has been carried out, your plumbing pipes (pprc) are deformed, water leak detection + cracking plumbing repair + ceramic fault tile closure costs are coping with your plumbing. it will be more costly than the replacement, change your installation to copil

4-Poor quality product: today, the construction markets, which have become popular, have entered our lives and we can see thousands of products together here, but there are products with special prices at affordable prices. They are equivalent to the products sold in the market. The information that can tell you where it is located is limited to these. In places such as the hardware store, read the reviews of the recommended product on the internet.

5-Usage faults: Faucet, fountain, faucet, interior set, toilet bowl, in such products, do not act in a way that will damage the product, such as hard closing, opening it quickly, or placing heavy objects on it.

6-Incorrect assembly: If the products are mounted incorrectly, if you have difficulty in using the product, do not continue to use the product in that way, consult a knowledgeable person and correct it.

7-Cleaning: Mix bleach and ammonia-containing products with water on your products in the bathroom and kitchen.

8-Line Occlusion:
Do not throw napkins etc. into the toilet bowls.
If you drop something in the toilet, do not flush the toilet.
After washing greasy dishes in the kitchen, you will prevent the oils that you allow to flow in the sink with hot water turned on for 1-2 minutes from freezing in the drain.

9- Take precautions: close the water valves when leaving the house in our apartments, make sure the valves are closed, and apply the same to the natural gas valves.